Earning Curl Coins™

Earning Curl Coins™ 

Users can earn Curl Coins™ in the following ways: 

  • 500 Curl Coins = First time sign up here.
  • 500 Curl Coins = Inviting others to join FELOH*
  • 15 Curl Coins = Making a post on the FELOH App**
  • 25 Curl Coins = Writing a product review in the FELOH Marketplace***
  • 2 Curl Coins per $1 USD spent in Marketplace 

*Referring users can send a $10 coupon to their friends.  Once their friend redeems this reward, the referring user earns 500 Curl Coins.

**Users can earn up to 105 Curl Coins from posting in a given week.  Curl Coins for posts are NOT automatically deposited with the post is shared.  Curl Coins for posting will be deposited to you account on a weekly basis.

***Users are limited to reviewing a given item 1 time. 

We will continue to roll out new ways users can earn Curl Coins™ over the upcoming year.  FELOH will notify users of new ways to earn by sending push notifications and emails. If you have questions or concerns regarding your rewards, please email us at support@feloh.com